Taking my own advice + 8 Week Online Gym Programme

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Hola my friends, I hope you all had a faaaabaliss start to the week! To think today was the last Monday in February is so nuts. This post plans to share with you my attempt to get back into routine after a very failed, or rather delayed, start to the new year health kick. I can be a great one for giving all the advice in the world when it comes to how I usually go about getting back on the fitness wagon, but I think it’s about time I stop kidding myself and took my own advice… Better late than never right?

Before making the big move to NYC back in October, I promised myself I wouldn’t go completely bananas and undo all the hard work and good habits I’d managed to create over the last couple of years. I’d been warned this city and it’s demanding social scene could really test you on that front, and that it did. Impromptu Monday night dinners, Saturday nights out, bottomless brunches followed by a day(s) of comforting eating in effort to ease the imminent hangover were all to blame! The first couple of weeks I entered complete holiday mode, and rightly so! But following that, I joined a gym and filled the fridge with my usual healthy bits before any bad habits had a chance to overstay their welcome. I was back to my healthy ways before long. That was until December rolled ’round. Christmas festivities were upon us, holiday mode was creeping in again, and a mad schedule at work meant my gym routine began to slip. After finishing up at work on the 21st of December, I was headed for Irish soil and giddy at the thought of eating and drinking my way through the Christmas holidays with friends and family! Returning back to the US in January, I knew the party was well and truly over and it was time to get my sh*t in order. So when I saw my old gym back in Dublin, (Dublin Strength & Conditioning – DSC), had launched a new online gym programme last month I was on to them straight away.

Dublin Strength & Conditioning 

I first came across DSC back in September 2016. I had just come off the back of a big (failed!) run at championship football with my Gaelic team at home. Living and working in Dublin, with nothing to work towards meant I had zero motivation or direction with my fitness. It wasn’t long before I realised I needed to set my sights on some new goals seeing as the GAA season was out for another 4 months. I searched online and chatted to some people living in the area, and so I went down to check out Dublin Strength and Conditioning.


1st Class Knowledge & Experience 

The guys at DSC are seriously experienced and knowledgeable in what they do. Sessions were tough but do-able and most importantly, enjoyable! My weekly schedule was 3 semi-private PT classes as well as a couple of HIT sessions a week. Each member was given a programme, usually built around 4-6 week blocks, with everyone working towards their own goals and abilities. Classes usually varied between 1-6 people depending on the time of day.

It wasn’t long before I was hooked! I’m sure plenty of you know the feeling. You finally get yourself back on the wagon, you start to see the results, you’re enjoying the process and you feel great, and now you’re thinking ‘why the hell didn’t I start this sooner?’. On top of all the above, it was the culture and craic the lads created in the gym that had me loving the whole experience. I was in the gym before work most days and wouldn’t miss a Saturday morning session, not because I felt I couldn’t, but because I genuinely enjoyed going there. I never found myself really dreading it, and if I did, I knew it was usually one of two things – laziness or genuine fatigue and in need of a rest day.

A different time and place

I was very happy with that lifestyle at that time in my life. It suited me. But now that my lifestyle, priorities and surroundings have changed, I’m trying to adapt in the most realistic way possible. New York is such a fun city with so many places to go, endless things to see, too much food to try, and all on a 24/7 basis. So to say you’re not going to embrace it would be very silly! There will be those impromtu dinners, weekend brunches, last minutes plans and lots of temptation. But sure isn’t that why I came here?! My problem is, I have an all or nothing, black or white, hard or go home type of personality. I’m either hell for leather on the ‘fitfam’ train or eating and drinking until my heart’s content! So right now I’m trying to bring some hashtag ‘balance’ to my lifestyle. Right now the plan is to eat healthy where/when I can, cook healthy meals to avoid unnecessary on-the-go processed foods, get to the gym 4-5 times a week, and enjoy everything else in between without totally derailing. I knew I needed some sort of programme and goal to work towards to help me get back in to the swing of it, so like I said when I saw DSC were now offering this online service I jumped at it.

The Options

Right now they offer 3 different online packages, Premium, Gold and Base. I opted for the gold package. The main reason being I’m in the US and wouldn’t be able to avail of the added extra of personal 1:1 training session included in the others. Each package is 8 weeks long and resembles the same system the guys use in the gym, which is great as I was already very comfortable with much of exercises and familiar with how the programme was structured.

This post has been in the process for a while seeing as I actually got started with the programme last month. I definitely got off to a rocky start with a couple of blips here and there but I’m feeling good and motivated about the next few weeks and I’m hoping that sharing it on here will give me that added accountability to stay somewhat on track. The weekly check-ins have been great for giving me that sense of accountability and extra push to get back at it after a ‘not-so-good’ weekend of eating and drinking. So guys, I hope you enjoyed todays post and I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way with plan to share some more healthy recipes very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you’re currently in search of an online programme and looking to completely change the way you think about your gym and nutrition then I can’t recommend these guys enough!

You can check them out on their website, Facebook or Instagram for more info!


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