A/W 2017 Must Have Activewear!

So firstly, can I just point out that this post has set me back a whole 160 yo-yos! I should probably know better than to go ‘browsing’ when my bank card is within arms reach! That being said though, I am a firm believer in that new gym gear can really motivate you to get up and get out to the gym (most of the time!). So surely that’s worth something, right? Anyway, here are some pieces that caught my eye, were added to the cart, removed, and later added again. Some will remain there for the foreseeable future (hold tight little ones, I’ll be back for you!) while the rest make their final voyage to their new home! 😛


1. Tommy Hilfiger Navy Leggings €48

Tommy Hilfiger Navy Icon Leggings – Shop Here

How comfortable do these Tommy Hilfiger leggings look?! They’re 95% cotton, so clearly not gym-going leggings, but I think they would be perfect for lounging around the house in, or as day to day leggings. I also expected them to be a bit pricier considering you can pay just as much, if not more, for Hilfiger underwear!


2. New Balance Leggings €87

navy legs

navy leggings

New Balance Sprint Crop Legging – Shop Here

If these are anything like the New Balance leggings I had before, they’re a winner! I’m a bit funny about gym leggings and although I’ve had a few firm favourites over the years, I’m yet to find ‘the ones’! Clearly these are a bit expensive, but to be honest if there’s one thing I don’t mind investing in and coughing up for, it’s definitely gym leggings. For the simple reason – is there anything worse than leggings that don’t fit properly, that you’re constantly pulling back up when you’re out for that run, or that lose their shape after one wash, and let’s not get started on that dreaded underwear that’s decided to take centre stage ‘back there‘! Not ideal ladies, not ideal! I also like that these are predominately dark with just a splash of pattern.


3. Nike Presto Air Trainers €128

Nike Trainers

Nike Air Presto Trainers – Shop Here

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how fab these shoes are! I probably wouldn’t wear them to the gym to be honest, but probably opt for them as an every day, dressier trainer with your blue jeans, like they’ve gone for here. I love the two-tone colour and they look super comfortable! Dreamy!


4. Nike Vintage Sweatshirt in Grey €54

Nike Grey Vintage Track Top

Nike Vintage Sweatshirt – Shop Here

I love the dark grey colour of this jumper and again, just looks super cosy and easy to throw on with anything – track bottoms, gym leggings or your blue denim jean!


5.  Nike Free TR 7 Women’s €100



Nike Free TR 7 Women’s – Shop Here

Trainers are obviously very individual to each person, usually determined by the type of training someone does and what they need from their shoes, whether it’s extra support for fallen arches or a super lightweight shoe for your cross country. That being said, this type of trainer is ideal for me as I spend most of my time in the gym and don’t do any extreme outdoor running. I’m almost sure these come in black too, but I’ve promised myself to break away from black this winter as my wardrobes full of black trainers.


6. Nike Long Sleeved Versa Top €74

         Screenshot_20170926-080508      screenshot_20170926-080529.png

Nike Training Long Sleeved Versa Top – Shop Here

I love this oversized cream jumper from Nike. It’s perfect for pairing with leggings for a casual look this autumn with zero effort. The splits up the sides make it that bit more forgiving and slimming than your typical oversized jumper and it also looks super comfy. Matched with a sleeveless bomber, like the one below, and you’re winter ready!


7. Helionic Down Sleeveless Hooded Vest €99

Helionic Down Hooded Vest – Shop HereScreenshot_20171003-083941

I’m a big fan of these sleeveless puffer jackets! They’re just so handy to throw on over anything. I live in the one I have at the minute, but it’s definitely seen better days so I’m on the hunt for a new one. Granted, this one is a bit pricier than you’d like, but it’s to be expected from Adidas and you know what you’re getting, in terms of quality. I’m a bit torn between the two colours. I actually love the peach, but would definitely be a bit hesitant to buy an expensive piece in such a bright colour, whereas black is always safe.


8. Mibodi Apparel Sports Top €27


MiBodi Apparel Contour Vest Top – Shop Here 

I actually came across this brand on Instagram and after realising they were an Irish brand I thought I would go have a nosey. MiBodi are only a start-up company and haven’t a great amount of items online yet to be honest, but I’m loving this contour vest top. Looking forward to seeing more from this brand in the future!


9. Ellesse Full Zip Tracksuit Hoodie €65


Ellesse Full Zip Grey Tracksuit Hoodie – Shop Here

Loving this grey hooded track top from Ellesse for Autumn. Ellesse is a funny one –  they’ve come and gone a few times over the years, but seem to be upping their game recently, with their fashion range now available in Topshop. This top looks super comfy and I love the colour as it’s versatile and can be worn with navy or black… winner winner! (Bottoms are also available in the link above).


10. Nike Pro Training Top €40


Nike Pro Training Top – Shop Here

You can’t really go wrong with this reliable black gym top that goes with everything. I’m a big fan of long-sleeved gym tops, especially now coming in to the winter and outdoor training. These Nike tops are ideal in that they’re light and breathable while still keep you covered up.


Anyway, I hope you got something from this post but will take no responsibility for what you might decide to do with your next pay cheque! 😉

Aoife x



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