5 Friday Favourites #1

Hey guys! Welcome to the first episode of my Friday Favourite series! I’ve decided to start this fortnighly series where I hope to keep you up to date on 5 things I’m loving or finding useful lately. Expect to find ramblings of all sorts from my favourite beauty hacks to my latest go-to Spotify playlists! 😉


1. BPerfect Tan €25.00tan

I’m really loving this tan lately. It’s been my go-to tan all summer and I’m starting to think it really is perfect. I’m a bit of a tan connoisseur and have probably tried most out there, but I’ve found myself reverting back to this all summer. I use the Dark Watermelon shade, which gives such a nice dark bronzed tone as opposed to that awful orange colour we’ve all fallen victim to at one stage or another! It develops super quick and also fades off really well, without needing a big scrubbing fest. That’s definitely one of the main reasons I’m such a fan. I used to dread some tans fading and found myself red raw from exfoliating. Actually come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I’ve really had to scrub all summer, while still applying this weekly. It is slightly pricier than most, but lasts ages (I’m only started on my second bottle after 4 months). All in all, it definitely gets a thumbs up from me! To get your hands on a bottle order online or check out their stockists here.


2. Smashbox PhotoFinish Radiance Primer €36

I started using this Smashbox primer last month and I’m really loving it so far. I’ve actually found myself sometimes deciding to go without make-up after applying it, as it gives off such a nice dewy glow, minimizing blemishes and pores. I’ll definitely be keeping this in the make-up bag for the next while! I got mine in Boots, where you can pick it up for around €36.


Click here – SmashBox Photo Finish Radiance Primer to check it out.


3. Power

download-1Okay so I know it’s not exactly breaking news that James St. Patrick, or Ghost, is the best thing to hit Netflix, but bear with me since I’m a BIT Power obsessed right now, as I catch up on the latest season. It follows the life of James St. Patrick, drug kingpin and owner of Truth, a New York City Nightclub. Things start to kick off when St. Patrick attempts to remove himself from the drug scene. Around the same time, he is reacquainted with a lady friend, Angie, an old flame who now happens to be a cop! Anyway, I’ll say no more but if you’re in to crime like shows you can catch it all from the beginning on Netflix.



4. CLUSE La Bohéme Mesh €99la-boh-me-mesh-gold-black-100001944-jpgI am loving these CLUSE watches lately and have been dying to get my hands on one! I think they’re all fab, but seeing as I’ve been on the hunt for a new gold watch, this one is a strong contender at the minute. There are so many to choose from on their website, from metal, leather and material straps with a range of different colours. Check them out in the link below for your next payday! 😉

CLUSE La Bohéme Mesh Gold & Black – Click Here


5. Spotify Playlist – Chillout Sessions


I’ve had this stuck on repeat since I stumbled across it last week, but it’s just so good! It’s nice and chilled with lots of acoustic stuff from artists like Kodaline, Sam Smith and Rag’n’Bone Man with my favourite ‘As you are’. Go check it out if you’re looking for something easy listening!



Well guys that’s it for my first edition, hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to call again soon for more ramblings!

Okay, cheerio, byeee,

Fif x




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